Q: I am interested in renting from Penn Rustics Rentals - where should I begin?
Please take a look at our inventory. Once you’ve decided what you would like to rent, send us an email using the contact page with the date and location of your event. We will let you know if we have availability and put together a quote for you.

Q: Do you have a minimum order? 
A:  We do try to accommodate every customer, so it is best to speak with us directly at 724-221-5423.  
Q: How many people fit around your 8' Farm Table?
A: 8-10 people fit at a single table.   4 people can fit on each side of the table,
and possibly 1 on each end, if desired.  
Q: Do you sell your tables? 
A: Yes!  We design and hand craft all of our furniture right here in Pittsburgh. 
Please visit our furniture and home goods website www.pennrustics.com.     

Q: When should I make my reservation? 
A:  Our event calendar fills up very quickly, especially for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  If you want to rent our furniture, our suggestion is to contact us as early as possible and well in advance to ensure availability.   It's not uncommon for reservations to be made 12-18 months in advance. 
We are already booking into 2019-2020.  
Q: How much notice or time do you need?
Early planning ensures the availability of the rentals you need. We recommend you book your rentals as soon as you have firm plans for your event.

Q: How do I place a reservation?
Simply contact us - it's that simple!  

Q: What are your payment policies?
We require a non-refundable down payment of 50% to reserve items for the date of your event.  The remaining 50% is due 30 days prior to event date.  

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?
A: We accept all major credit cards, business or personal checks. 
Q:  What is your rental time period?
A:  Our rentals are for a 24-hour period.  If you will need them for a longer period of time additional expenses will apply.  

Q: What about changes in my order?
Additions to an order are welcome - subject to availability. You can adjust your order up to 30 days prior to your event date. Please contact us as soon as possible to discuss.

Q: When is my remaining balance due?
We require to be paid in full 30 days prior to the event date. Trust us - you don’t want to worry about final payments the day of the event!

Q: Do you deliver outside of Pittsburgh? 
A: Yes, we deliver throughout the Greater Metro Pittsburgh area and surrounding communities.  Delivery fees start at $100.  Please contact us to determine if we can deliver to your venue location and what that cost might be.  
Q:  What is the delivery and setup fee?
A: Delivery fees are based on distance from our shop as well as other factors such as amount of items rented, distance items must be hand carried to setup location and availability of vendor parking. Fee includes delivery, setup, as well as breakdown and pickup of the rented items.  We are pretty flexible with set-up either the afternoon before after 4:00 pm or the day of the event, if delivery schedule will allow.  Please let us know what your needs are!  

Q:  How long does event set-up take?
  Please be aware that our tables are heavy and we have to transport them with the legs detached and have to assemble them onsite.  Depending upon how many tables you need, this time will vary and you will need to factor this into your plans to allow us enough time to set up for your event.  
Q: Can I pick up the rented items and avoid the delivery fee? 
A: No, all items are delivered by Penn Rustics Rentals to your event venue.
Q: Are there any other fees?
A: If your venue requires the use of an elevator, stairs, or we have to transport the items an excessive distance from our truck to the event location, there will be a fee to cover the additional time.  

We ask that our items are left on site in the same place and condition as we originally delivered them. Please clear tables and benches by the scheduled pickup times. If the pick up crew must spend additional time prepping for removal, additional charges will apply.
Q: Can your tables, benches, etc. be used outdoors?
A: Our rentals can be used outside but need to be covered by a tent or similar structure. Our items are not designed to be left outdoors and exposed to any elements including rain, snow and direct sunlight as these conditions can damage and warp our rental furniture.

Q:  What happens if items are missing or damaged after the event? 
A: You are responsible for all items rented. We will bill you for any damages or missing items. We require a credit card on file with your signed contract to cover the cost of any lost or damaged items.  We always alert clients prior to charging the credit card on file.  
Q: Can you recommend other vendors to help me plan our event?
Yes! We get to work with a lot of amazing people and places and we think you should too! Please check out our Vendors We Love page. We have had the privilege of working on an event or styled shoot with each of the vendors listed on this page and love their work!

What if I have an event or equipment emergency? 
A: You can contact us anytime at (724) 221-5423.   
Pick up: We ask that our items are left on site in the same place and condition as we originally delivered them. Please clear tables and benches by the scheduled pickup times. If the pick up crew must spend additional time prepping for removal, additional charges will apply.

We know that you probably have more questions then what is listed above.

Please contact us and we are happy to answer any questions that you have.